Schedule for GC

Course I: Forensic Chromatography (focus on GC-FID for EtOH testing and introduction to toxicological samples)

[no prior knowledge or prerequisite to take]

Day 1

8:15 am Registration and Snacks
8:30 am Course Overview and Welcome Remarks
9:00 am Introduction to Gas Chromatography
10:00 am Inlet Systems for Liquid Injections
11:00 am GC Theory
11:45 am Lunch (included in the tuition)
1:00 pm Lab 1: GC Familiarization and Parameters
2:30 pm GC Resolution
3:30 pm Capillary Columns
4:30 pm Lab 2: Column Installation
6:30 pm End of Session

Day 2

8:30 am Quantitative Analysis
9:30 am Method Validation Introduction to Uncertainty Measurement
10:30 am Lab 3: GC Quantitation
11:45 am Lunch (included in the tuition)
1:00 pm Lab Review
2:00 pm Headspace GC
4:00 pm Lab 4: Headspace Demo
5:00 pm End of Session

Day 3

8:30 am FID Detector
9:00 am Introduction to GC/MS
9:45 am Labs 5-7: Wet Lab –Sample Preparation/ Integration / GC-MS Instrumentation
11:45am Lunch (included in the tuition)
1:00 pm Discovery
2:30 pm Ethics
3:30 pm Pre-analytical Related Error
4:30 pm Live Demo: Sample prep from beginning to injection of a blood ethanol sample
5:30 pm Optional Lab 11: Beers and Data Roundtable (Bring your own data set evaluate with your small group)
7:00 pm End of Session

Day 4

8:30 am General Review of Major Concepts
9:00 am Lab 8: Walking Down a Case-How to Sort, Identify and Examine Data (Confrontation Clause)
10:30 am Developing Themes for Cases
12:00 pm Lunch (included in the tuition)
1:00 pm Cross examination of an Analyst
2:30 pm Direct Examination of an Expert
4:00 pm Review & Closing
4:30 pm Soft Stop
5:30 pm Hard Stop-End of Course