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Make justice happen by understanding the science as well as the scientists

“I guarantee you that at the end of this course [Forensic Chromatography] that you will know more than 95% of the people who run GCs on a daily basis” Dr. Lee Polite, MBA, PhD


“If you want to make sure that justice happens in the courtroom, you have to understand the science at least as well as the scientists presenting it. If you take these courses, you will know the science, law and courtroom advocacy better than anyone else anywhere.” Justin J. McShane, JD, F-AIC



About the courses: The Hands-on ACS Forensic Chromatography Course will teach you the classroom theory that underlies chromatography in general, as well as the specific theories that allow for headspace analysis and how Flame Ionization Detector,  and Mass Spectrometry works. You will get to see the instruments used, and run tests yourself. The Hands-on ACS Forensic Drug Analysis Course will teach you how seized drugs are analyzed and how the scientific opinion is formed that leads to the laboratory conclusion. This is for all drugs of abuse including illicit drugs.  You will get to see the instruments used, and run tests yourself. Solid Drug Dose is as the name implies. It is about the analysis of seized items that are thought to be drugs. It is the evalution of solids, liquids, powders and vegetable products. It goes into the synthetic drugs such as K2 or Spice. It answers the question of how can the police know that a white powder in the bag is really cocaine or if it is harmless baking soda. It focuses on the analytical techniques that are used in that field such as balances, colormetric testing, FTIR, TLC, microscopy, and GC-MS. It is very heavy into GC-MS. Because there is so much GC-MS work in it, it is a prerequisite for the DUID course. The DUID course focuses on the analysis of biological fluids (blood, urine, hair, oral fluid) for drugs of abuse. As the name implies it focuses on DUID from the motorist’s point of view. It is one full day of instrumental analysis on the qualitative and quantitative analysis. Plus, there are 2 full days of pharmacology both the time course of the drug in the body (pharmacokinetics) and the drugs impact on psychomotor function (pharmacodynamics).


This course is dedicated to Professor Emeritus Dr. Harold McNair who is on the faculty and teaches this course. He is the first person who earned a PhD in Gas Chromatography in the United States and the first person to run a gas chromatography in the United States.




Forensic GC

5/4/2022-5/7/2022 6/22/2022-6/25/2022 10/26/2022-10/29/2022
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“My first GC course at Axion opened up a whole new aspect of my trial practice as I began my shift from defending clients with words to defending them with both words and science. If you are representing clients charged with criminal cases where chemical evidence is an issue, this training is a must.”

Deandra M. Grant, BS, JD, GC, MS/ ACS-CHAL Forensic Lawyer-Scientist

“Axion is the Mecca for learning in chromatography. Ever since attending Axion, I regularly win blood test DWI trials where the blood comes in to evidence. Nothing else in the nation even compares to Axion with the quality of instructors, the number of hands-on usable GCs, and being taught by the top lawyers in the nation how to use the science to win trials making sure justice results in every case. Furthermore, Axion is the only place to get the ACS-CHAL Lawyer Scientist designation. Every Lawyer Scientist I know wins blood test DWI trials on a regular basis. Simply put, every single DWI trial lawyer needs to attend Axion training and complete the Lawyer-Scientist designation to remain at the top of the field.”

Mark Thiessen, Esquire/ ACS-CHAL Forensic Lawyer-Scientist