Forensic HPLC

Understanding HPLC is the future of DUID defense

Hands-on testing in a real lab for 4 days.

This course is restricted to ACS-CHAL Lawyer-Scientists.

Forensic HPLC opens the gateway to the future of DUID defense.

Eventually, most biological fluids will be analyzed by High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) coupled with mass spectrometry (LC/MS for short).

Remember that as the sophistication of the technique increases, so does the number of things that must be done properly in order to generate valid data.


Get hands-on experience

Learn the fundamentals
Analyze real data
Spot errors in data
Defend your clients

Course Description & Schedule

In this class, you will develop a firm understanding of the fundamentals of liquid chromatography and get lots of practical hands-on experience you’ve come to expect from Axion courses! You will get a chance to work with modern HPLC systems by analyzing real samples and will learn how to interpret the data.

Day 1
8:45 am HPLC Introduction and Definitions
Lunch: Fun Chicago lunch included
HPLC Resolution and Theory
Lab 1: Introduction to HPLC
HPLC Detectors
5:30 pm End of Session


Day 2
9:00 am HPLC Columns and Review
Lunch: Fun Chicago lunch included
Lab: HPLC Parameters
Lab Review
5:30 pm End of session


Day 3
9:00 am Quantitative Analysis
Lab: Quantitative Analysis
Lunch: Fun Chicago lunch included
Extended Lab: Spectral Analysis
Lab Review
5:30 pm End of Session
Day 4
9:00 am Lab: Method Development
Trouble Spotting – Top 5 Things to Look For
1:00 pm End of session

Are you able to spot errors in data that others have generated, and thereby vigorously defend your clients?

Invest 4 days and get the total immersion training you need to understand forensic HPLC.

We know it’s easy to get lost with the science. So here is some help.

Hands-on experience is essential to “understand how all the mistakes can possible be made, and [how to] use them for you clients advantage.” James Fletcher

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Forensic Drug HPLC

Where: Axion Labs, Chicago IL

This course is restricted to ACS-CHAL Lawyer-Scientists.